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Want That "Perfect" Sound?
Want MORE Guitar Pickup Tones?

A Partial List Of Our Incredible Products
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Strat style guitars
6 performance models

Stratocaster Upgrades

Albert Lee Upgrades

LP style guitars
3 performance models

Telecaster Upgrades

Pickup Switches

ES-335 style guitars
3 performance models

PRS Silver Sky Upgrades

Pots and Parts

21 Pickup Tone
PJ Bass 2 Models

Jazz Bass Upgrades


Welcome To AweSome

We design upgrades for electric guitar that give you more pickup tones. They make it hard to stop playing — Guaranteed.

Your Problem: Not enough pickup tones.
The Solution: Better Switching Control.
Wanna Give Your Strat 102 Pickup Tones?

"After installing the upgrade, I was up all night playing my guitar."

Artists Who Have Our Upgrades.

Who Else Uses Our Upgrades?

Do You Want A Whole Lot More?

Upgrade your Stratocaster & Telecaster to get a Grand Canyon Wide pickup tone range!
Now you can get Blues, Jazz, Metal, Country, Surf, and glass-shattering tin-canny pickup tones.
Our Pro Treble Bleed circuit keeps your brilliance up-front even at reduced volume.

Made in U.S.A. to Give Your Pickups
Hammond B3 Drawbar Versatility.

Our New AweSome Ascension Series instruments give
You More Unique Pickup Tones than Anything on Earth.

Here's Why YOU Want These Upgrades...

Did You Know This?

We solved your inadequate pickup switch problem to give you the most Powerful and Versatile Pickup Switch upgrades. A-list players call us their "Holy Grail" of more pickup tones.

You get these benefits with our products.

You know this is true: "Cheap things aren't good, but good things aren't cheap."

Now you know what you are paying for.

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to find the right upgrade for your needs.

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