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ID: 432 — "AweSome-Enhanced" ES-335 style Electric Guitar

Our AweSome products will exceed your desire for Quality, Usefulness and Value.

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"AweSome-Enhanced" ES-335 Front

"AweSome-Enhanced" ES-335 Rear

Locking Case

Padded Interior

Product Description

AweSome Custom Shop is proud to announce the release of their "Ascension" series instruments. These instruments are "AweSome-Enhanced" to give you More pickup tone power than anything else on Earth.

Up for your playing pleasure is this AweSome-Enhanced ES-335 style guitar with 102 pickup tones, Pro Treble Bleed and hardshell case (432-ES-102).

We have transformed this great playing brand new guitar into your ultimate Dream Machine.

This AweSome-Enhanced guitar gives you incredible jaw-dropping performance that no other guitar offers.

These Incredible Instruments Have No Equal — in either performance or price.

Here are key performance features compared.

Instrument List Price Pickup Tones Treble Bleed Hard Case
ES-335 Sixties Cherry $3,299 3 no yes
AweSome 432-ES-102 $1,062 102 Yes Yes

Benefits To You

Does any other guitar give you these incredible benefits?

  1. A pickup tone buffet of 102 unique pickup tones for a seemingly endless Grand Canyon wide range of all possible pickup tones. You get Blues, Jazz, Metal, Surf, Intense Country Twang, and Glass-Shattering Tin-canny pickup tones that will punch out windows at 30 paces.

  2. Advanced engineering using printed circuit boards to eliminate point-to-point wiring errors.

  3. Unequalled performance with our Professional Treble Bleed on the volume control to keep your brilliance intact when volume is dialed down.

  4. Our T4Plus-Switch and push-pull tone control gives your pickups Hammond B3 drawbar versatility. It gives you control over each of the four pickup coils of this guitar to give you an amazing 102 pickup tone combinations. This is like an artist finding several dozen more different colors of paint to work with. Now you can be the creative player you were meant to be.

  5. Locking hard shell case with plush interior.

It's like having dozens of different guitars rolled into one to give you a guaranteed arsenal of more pickup tones.

You get snappy highs, snarly mids, chime, Tele twang, and more.

This AweSome-Enhanced instrument lets you put select pickup coils together in series for added girth and a bump in output to highlight those riff passages or put greater focus on that killer solo. You will have pickup tones so "Fat", they're Obese!

This will be the only guitar you will be taking out of the rack.

Here's Why YOU Want This Guitar...

Did You Know This?

We solved your inadequate pickup switch problem to give you the most Powerful and Versatile Pickup Switch upgrades. A-list players call us their "Holy Grail" of more pickup tones.

You get these benefits with our products.

You know this is true: "Cheap things aren't good, but good things aren't cheap."

Now you know what you are paying for.

Customer Comments

Want MORE Versatility?

You can do the following things with this guitar: