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ID: 030 — Stratocaster HSH Upgrade

Our AweSome products will exceed your desire for Quality, Usefulness and Value.

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T3 Upgrade With Pickups

T3 Upgrade For your Pickups

T3 Upgrade wiring

Product Description

This 3-ply White American HSH Stratocaster guitar upgrade gives you 35 pickup tones.

Customer Comments:
"After installing this upgrade in my guitar, I stayed up all night playing it." — Alvin Sears

"I am SO pleased with the upgrade. The standard 5-way blade switch is an 8-pack of Crayolas when compared to the 98-pack with built in sharpener that is your upgrade. I now have colors I didn't even know I wanted. Do I need EACH of the additional tones? No, of course not; but there are many new tones which – now that I have heard them – I cannot live without. Thank you for answering my questions so darn thoroughly!" — Branden Garner

Special Update: Our Stratocaster upgrades now include Treble Bleed circuitry plus high quality polypropylene tone control capacitors (with a superior linear frequency response) for unequaled versatility. These upgrades give you "American Pro Stratocaster" performance from your stock guitars.

Instruments That Can Be Upgraded

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Want MORE Versatility?

This upgrade let you do the following things:   More... >

(Things you CANNOT do on your standard Stratocaster!)

This upgrade also gives you those Brian May (guitarist for Queen) "red special" pickup sounds because you can instantly put any two or all three pickups into series (you cannot do this on your standard Stratocaster.)   And when you put two select pickups in series, you can turn on the remaining pickup in parallel (either in normal-phase or reverse-phase) and this is something even Brian May's red special guitar cannot do. This upgrade will give you incredible pickup tones that are so "Fat" – they're OBESE!

This EZ-Install AweSome upgrade for your Stratocaster gives you complete and total control over your pickups.   And because you can independently control each pickup, you can turn each one on in normal-phase or reverse-phase, and you can also put them in parallel-connection or series-connection with one or more pickups. The bottom line is that you can get 35 pickup tones from your AweSome upgraded Stratocaster that currently gives you only five pickup tones.

This unique upgrade also gives you the Signature Sounds of ALL guitar gods of every headliner group since the 1940s.

When used In The Studio, your AweSome upgraded Stratocaster will have an incredible spectrum of 35 unique pickup tones that are impossible to produce with a "stock" instrument.

When used On Stage, your upgraded Stratocaster will give you incredible Signature Sounds that nobody else can easily duplicate. And over time, you can even "morph" your Signature Sounds to keep your fans interested in what you offer.

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Upgrade Options

which option do you want?

To Install This Upgrade

  1. You connect your pickup wires to the green solderless terminal strip (see picture)
  2. You connect your output jack wires to the marked wires on this product
  3. You re-attach the upgrade and start exploring the 35 pickup tones now available to you.

Using This Upgrade

This upgrade uses our T3-Switch.   More... >

  SW4  SW5  SW6  SW1  SW2  SW3 

How It Works

There are two "groups" of switches: (SW4, SW5, SW6)   -and-  (SW1, SW2, SW3)

The first group of switches (SW1, SW2 and SW3) are ON-OFF-ON switches used to turn an individual pickup Off and On. The middle position of each switch is Off. The down position turns the pickup On (in normal-phase) and the Up position turns the pickup on (in reverse-phase).

SW1 controls the Bridge pickup
SW2 controls the Middle pickup
SW3 controls the Neck pickup

When you use these three switches (with SW4, SW5, SW6 all in the Down position), you get 13 different pickup tones from the combinations of three pickup coils being Off or On (either in normal-phase or in reverse-phase). It is also due to the combination of the pickup coils being in a Parallel circuit.

The second group of switches (SW4, SW5 and SW6) are ON-ON switches are used to put select pickups into a Series circuit.
Two things to remember when using this second group of switches:

First, putting two or three pickups in Series circuit creates a "Compound" (i.e., Humbucker) pickup that gives you about 8 to 15 percent More output (think Heavy Metal/Jazz tone).

Second, because ALL the pickups are in a Series circuit, those pickups MUST be On (either in normal-phase or reverse-phase). Any non-Series circuit pickup can be either Off or On (either in normal-phase or reverse-phase).

Using the Second Group of Switches

Starting with switches SW4, SW5 and SW6 in the Down position;

Put switch SW4 in the Up position and the Bridge pickup and Middle pickup are in a Series circuit. You MUST turn On both the Bridge pickup and the Middle pickup using switches SW1 and SW2 (either in normal-phase or reverse-phase) to hear any sound. In this example, the Neck pickup (controlled by SW3) can be either Off or On (in normal-phase or reverse-phase).

Put switch SW5 in the Up position and the Bridge pickup and Neck pickup are in a Series circuit. You MUST turn On both the Bridge pickup and the Neck pickup using switches SW1 and SW3 (either in normal-phase or reverse-phase) to hear any sound. In this example, the Middle pickup (controlled by SW2) can be either Off or On (in normal-phase or reverse-phase).

Put switch SW6 in the Up position and the Middle pickup and Neck pickup are in a Series circuit. You MUST turn On both the Middle pickup and the Neck pickup using switches SW2 and SW3 (either in normal-phase or reverse-phase) to hear any sound. In this example, the Bridge pickup (controlled by SW1) can be either Off or On (in normal-phase or reverse-phase).

Put both switches SW4 and SW6 into the Up position and all three pickups are in a Series circuit. You MUST turn On ALL of the pickups using switches SW1, SW2 and SW3 (either in normal-phase or reverse-phase) to hear any sound. This gives you an incredible overdriven bass sound in spades. It also gives you Brian May's heavy metal tones.

You get 35 pickup tones with this upgrade.   < Less

You can hear the difference

This page has MP3 sound clips to let you hear the result our T3-Switch upgrade offers you.

What You Get

Select one of these options.

Special Notes:

  1. If your instrument contains any of the following items, our product does not include them; personality cards, greasebucket circuit, passing lane switch, S1 Switch, push-push mini switch, TBX or mid boost circuit or any special controls beyond the standard 3-way or 5-way switch.
  2. Some models (e.g., Squier, etc.) may require additional mounting holes be drilled.
  3. For instruments that have 8-hole pickguard mounting screws, we only have 11-hole pickguard mounting screws. Drilling a few extra holes is needed to mount our upgrade product. This is a small tradeoff to get such an incredible range of pickup tones after your upgrade.
  4. Instruments with Floyd Rose or other non-standard tremolo bridge require pickguard material removal for proper fit.
  5. Elite models with double action truss adjustment wheel at end of neck require pickguard material removal for proper fit.
  6. Covered humbuckers may require additional pickguard material removal for proper fit and may require additional height adjustment holes be drilled.
  7. Coil tapped pickups must be connected as standard 2-wire pickups.

Tools You Need

You need the following tools (not supplied with purchase).

30-Day Return Policy

We accepts all returns. You get a 30-Day Return Guarantee on all ALL your upgrade products. You can use your Upgrade for 30 days. If you don't agree this is the greatest product ever, return it for a refund — no questions asked.

30-Day Guarantee

Our "core" (T2, T3, T4) switch products have a 30-day Guarantee. If it ever fails, we will repair or replace it (see our website FAQ for details.)

Refund Policy

Buyer receives full refund in their original payment method less any shipping and handling charges.

Buy This Upgrade

Because you get a 30-day Return guarantee, you can buy this upgrade with confidence. You have nothing to lose except your lack of creativity.

(ID: 030a) Stratocaster HSH White Upgrade,
pickups not included
(ID: 030b) Stratocaster HSH White Upgrade,
Awesome standard pickups included

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Shipping Details

Shipping: All products are shipped via United States Postal Service. Allow 7-10 days for delivery.
Details: Shipping generally occurs within three business days of payment.
Saturday, Sunday and postal holidays are not business days.

Other Information

Ask questions before purchasing. Purchaser assumes all risk of liability with respect to the installation and use of these products.

This switching system cannot be directly used with active (battery-powered) pickups or pizeo pickups.