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This page contains: News Releases, Product Reviews and Endorsements, Audio Clips, YouTube Videos and Advertising.

1. News Releases

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The following AweSome News Releases are available:

2. Product Reviews, Endorsements And Announcements

The following links go to Dozens of published AweSome Musical Instruments Product Reviews and announcements:

AweSome "Life" Guitars
Stratocaster Upgrades
Telecaster Upgrade for 4-pickup coil Instruments
Telecaster Upgrade for 3-pickup coil Instruments
Telecaster Upgrade for 2-pickup coil Instruments
Jazz Bass Upgrades
Precision Bass Upgrades (assembled and KIT versions)

T4-Switch Upgrades (assembled and KIT versions)
T3-Switch Upgrades (assembled and KIT versions)
T2-Switch Upgrades (assembled and KIT versions)
AweSome Instruments
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3. Audio Clips

Here are some AweSome product audio clips that demonstrate product use and the range of sound you can get from this High Performance T2-Switch Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product.

Comment from a Repeat Customer: I now find the three available tone selections on my stock Tele instrument are very limiting after installing your upgrade. I still have the stock three sounds but the extra three sounds produced are distinct and useful. I love the setting that gives you both pickups in series (and in-phase). The result is a very strong but beautifully rounded jazz-like tone, something you would be struggling to get out of a standard instrument. Hearing that new intense country twang tone gave me goosebumps. Skimming through the documents that I downloaded showcases the awesome level of detail provided, certainly far more extensive than any other products that I have seen. Very well done! — Graham Mann (Australia).

Bridge Pickup Tone (stock)

Neck Pickup Tone (stock)

Bridge and Neck Pickup Tone (stock) (in parallel, normal phase)

Bridge and Neck Pickup (in parallel, reverse phase)

Bridge and Neck Pickup (in series, normal phase)

Bridge and Neck Pickup (in series, reverse phase)

35 Pickup Tones

To hear all 35 pickup tones from a Stratocaster guitar with three single-coil pickups, CLICK HERE to Listen.

68 Pickup Tones

To hear all 68 pickup tones from a Epiphone Les Paul Standard guitar with two 4-wire humbucker pickups, CLICK HERE to Listen.

4. YouTube Videos

Here are some AweSome product videos that demonstrate product use and the range of sound you can get from this growing family of High Performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products.

5. Advertising

See the following trade publications for AweSome advertisements.


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