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Comments / Testimonials

Comments from Customers and Others

Here are some comments from what over several hundred players think about our incredible upgrade products.   We regret the lack of constructive non-positive customer comments to add balance to this page. We have done our job so well that all of our customers are pleased with their purchase. More than half are repeat (with many Multiple-repeat) customers — strong evidence of incredible high-value electric guitar and bass upgrade products.


Comments About My Prototype 3-Pickup Guitar

Tone Spectrum: Offers a blend of sounds ranging from the Jazz/or rhythm more mellow tone to the Country/or rock more twangy tone and many interesting variations in between. Any electric guitar with 3-pickups can give you the maximum amount of pickup tones with this simple enhancement.
Ease Of Use: Very easy, can be quickly changed from one setting to another. I spent a good hour just trying all the different combinations.   Jerry Brooks – guitarist.

Tone Spectrum: The spectrum is Huge! From very thick and loud and luscious to twangy and even tin-canny.
Ease Of Use: It was easy to use and uncomplicated.   Jeff Swift – Oz's Music.

Tone Spectrum: "Big time" wide.
Ease Of Use: Takes a minute to understand.   Mike D. – Owner, Music-Go-Round.

A customer's comments about upgrading his SSS Stratocaster:

It appears the Inventor is the first person to be granted a Patent on all the different possible combinations to switch 3 pickup electric guitars as far wiring them in series, parallel, in phase, out of phase. A 3-pickup guitar can now have 35 switchable pickup tone possibilities.

The guitar is owned by me and I just finished installing the switching system this weekend. I easily installed it myself and I must say after playing it for two days now, it is incredible. There are 35 pickup tone possibilities between all the on/off combinations of parallel and series, as well as in phase and out of phase. Also, it was very easy to install myself without any additional routing of wood in my beloved guitar. Since there is no battery or electronics, it is simple and will not break. This tells me Fender could easily integrate this system into their existing lines with little additional cost and no modifications to body styles, routing, etc.

I know a major resistance point for Fender to adopt this system is that it already has the S1 switching system and I agree that it is excellent, but I do recall that I personally never purchased an S1 guitar because although it did have attractive tonal variety and added humbucking qualities, it did not let me switch the neck and bridge on at the same time with the middle pickup off so that I could make a Stratocaster sound like a Telecaster and also play around with the in/out Phase settings. Although the S1 looks to be more elegant from a user standpoint, the logic of the switching in this Patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product seems to be far superior and the tone possibilities are much greater. I found the Inventor's system to be very user friendly once I spent five minutes with it in actual use.

Timeless Les Paul Quotes

Here are some of Les Paul's personal quotes and our response as a faux dialog:

Les Paul: "You can spend a lifetime on each individual sound that you wish to create, and there are so many variables that you'll be chasing a sound that you'll probably never find. I'm 90 years old, and I've never found it yet. What I did do is find the best sound for a particular moment." — December 2005
AweSome: Les, that's a great observation. Our High Performance T4 Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product gives your Les Paul guitar with two 4-wire humbucker pickups a huge range of 68 pickup tones. These are subtle and slightly different pickup tones ranging from muddy blues to jazz to ring-in-the-bell surf sounds to heavy metal to country twang and even tin-canny sounds. If you want to find that elusive "best" sound, these awesome Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products are for you.

Les Paul: "A guitarist needs to take into account that he's playing with other instruments. Does your tone blend with the piano, does it blend with the drums? Does it marry into the family you've created, or does it stick out all by itself?" — April 1997
AweSome: How right you are Les. When your electric guitar is equipped with our family of High Performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products, you can control what you sound like. You can select one of up to 68 pure analog tones that let you "precisely" blend in with the group, or use the pickup tone that lets really lets you "stand out" and be noticed as unique.

Les Paul: "All you need is one note, but the trick is finding the right note – a note that sparkles like the Hope Diamond, and with all this air around it." — December 2005
AweSome: Les, your wisdom and experience is amazing. With a "standard" 3-pickup guitar, you only have 5 pickup tones available to you. However, when your guitar has our High Performance Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products, you have access to all 35 pickup tones that have been silently hiding in your guitar. From which would you rather choose from to find the right sounding note or Signature Sound that you want: 5 pickup tones -or- an incredible 35 pickup tones?

Les Paul: "Anyone can be successful – It's just being there at the right time with the right thing." — unknown
AweSome: Amen to that, brother Les. It's easy to be successful because now you can get the right thing: our growing family of High Performance Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products. It's an easy and cost effective way to upgrade your instrument and vastly improve its performance. It doesn't use batteries or sensitive electronics so you keep your analog pickup tones pure. By being armed with this "Ultimate Secret Weapon", all you now need is the right time to have your musical genius (and your distinctive Signature Sound) to be "discovered" and appreciated.

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