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Looking For That "Perfect" Sound?
Want MORE Guitar Pickup Tones?

Stratocaster Upgrades

Telecaster Upgrades

Jazz Bass Upgrades

Easy to Assemble Kits
and a whole lot More!

Welcome To AweSome

We make Incredible Upgrades for electric guitar and bass.
They give you all the pickup tones hiding in your instrument.

Are you bored with only 3 or 5 pickup tones?
Want all those guitar god signature sounds?

Get Tonal FREEDOM To Be More Creative!

Turn your wimpy guitar into a Tone Tyrannosaurus.

Customer said: "After installing this upgrade,
I stayed up all night playing my guitar."

Want To Make Playing Your Guitar Exciting Again?

Upgrade your electric guitar and get pickup tone nirvana.
Our upgrades give you the ultimate "holy crap" experience.

You Get More

Upgrade your Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass, all other instruments.
Get a Grand Canyon Wide pickup tone range! Get Blues, Jazz, Metal,
Surf, Country, glass-shattering tones from your upgraded instruments.

Our Incredible Upgrades Give You Those elusive Bakersfield Sounds.

SESSION PLAYERS: want a complete "tonal vocabulary" at your fingertips?
Just One Upgraded Guitar will sound like dozens of different guitars.

Use our Product Selector Page to choose the upgrade product for your instruments.

Made in the U.S.A. to Give Your Pickups
Hammond B3 Drawbar Versatility.