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‘‘ Want Dozens of Pickup Tones From Your Guitar or Bass?

‘‘ high performance Patented Pickup Switch Upgrade
Gives You All The Signature Sounds You Want!

‘‘ These upgrade products Instantly Give You:

68 Pickup Tones On Your 4-Pickup Coil Electric Guitar or Bass
35 Pickup Tones On Your 3-Pickup Coil Electric Guitar or Bass
6 Pickup Tones On Your 2-Pickup Coil Electric Guitar or Bass
4 Pickup Tones On Your Precision Bass instrument ’’

Do You Want To Get A WHOLE LOT MORE Pickup Tones From Your Instrument?

For almost 70 years, electric guitarists worldwide have been searching for their elusive "Holy Grail" – a simple switching system to get all the possible guitar pickup tone combinations out of their guitar, bass or other instrument. The search is finally over! Now you can take your guitar or bass far beyond the whimpy and obsolete "Studio Grade" version. Why? Because our family of high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products will instantly give you that "Holy Grail" of incredible Pure Analog pickup tone power that you cannot get anything else. More >

As you know, almost all 3-pickup coil guitars use a 5-way switch that only gives you 5 separate "stock" pickup tones. But this switch is also an obstacle because it "hides" the other 30 pickup tones that you can really get from this guitar.

Now you can get an incredibly vast range of 35 unique pickup tones from your 3-pickup coil guitar or bass with our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products. After you install these simple high performance upgrade products into your standard 3-pickup coil guitar, you will instantly get Seven Times More pure analog pickup tones than anything else on the planet.

And for a 2-pickup coil guitar, bass, or other instrument, our T2 Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product gives you 6 unique pickup tones. This is 20 percent more pure analog pickup tones than you can even get from a "standard" 3-pickup guitar.

And now our newly-released T4 Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product gives you an incredible 68 pickup tones from any instrument with four pickup coils.

It is physically impossible for you to get more than 35 pure analog pickup tones from a standard 3-pickup coil guitar. This switching system is so revolutionary, it was awarded a patent by the United States Patent Office. This is the greatest thing since Les Paul invented the solid body electric guitar in 1941.

We have addressed what everyone else has overlooked by replacing the antique "traditional" switches used to control pickup coils. In doing so, we have solved your problem of being forced to sound like everybody else by giving you the Ultimate Ultra High Performance Improvement for your electric guitar or bass. Our products are remarkable enough to command your attention and respect.

Our T3-Switch gives you 35 pickup tones (including several TroikaBuckerTM pickup tones from instruments with three separate pickup coils. Our T4-Switch gives you 88 pickup tones (including several QuadraBuckerTM pickup tones from instruments with four separate pickup coils. Instruments with HSH pickup configurations can now get 276 pickup tones (including several PentaBuckerTM pickup tones that nobody else can provide to you. < Less

Create The Ultimate Guitar with Complete and Total Pickup Control

Now you can install our high performance upgrade to instantly give you total and maximum control of your instrument's sound. It lets you select and use any and all of the following pickup state combinations to get a whole lot more robust pure analog pickup tones: More >

Our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products are the ULTIMATE in upgrade simplicity. All of the complex wiring and logic that gives you this incredible pickup tone power capability is in a multi-layer circuit board. This eliminates the 'rats nest' of wiring that can create broken-wire support issues. Our products also contain a solderless terminal strip that lets you connect your pickup and input wires in SECONDS to get this capability. Our incredible products are also populated with QUALITY mini toggle switches (we don't use poor quality switches made in China.)

WARNING: Now you can finally access all the pickup tones that have been silently hiding in your electric guitar or bass. After you install our high performance Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product, you'll think that it is "powered" by a tone nuclear reactor!   You will even get pickup tones you have NEVER heard before. We Guarantee It! < Less

Are More Pickup Tones Important?

In a word, YES! If it were not important, you would be buying 1-pickup guitars. You really want more choices and our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products not only lets you keep your analog pickup tones PURE, but it also gives you an incredible range of pickup tone choices — giving you more pickup tone power than anything else on earth! More >

More than any other instrument, the guitar is about subtleties. It is undeniably the coolest instrument that was ever made. When it's played well, there is absolutely nothing that sounds like it. And when your electric guitar (or electric bass) is combined with our simple high performance Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products, it will give you up to Twenty Five Times More Pure Analog Pickup Tone Power Than Anything On Earth to let you sound uniquely better and will also inspire you to improve your playing skill.

And when your electric guitar or bass is equipped with one of our high performance Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product, YOU can control what your guitar sounds like. YOU can select any of the numerous pickup tones that lets you precisely blend in with the group, or use a pickup tone that really lets you "stand out" and be noticed because you sound unique with your own Signature Sound.

When you have an instrument with several dozen pure analog pickup tones, a guitarist like you is better positioned to create a unique Signature Sound that lets you be noticed and rise above all the others. Our products gives you a huge advantage over your playing competitors because you will have dozens of additional pickup tones that lets you be noticed as distinctive -- and this special "edge" can increase your bookings, as well as be known as a player with amazing unique sounds.

Now you can upgrade your electric guitar or bass to get a huge "palette" of unique pickup tones to play absolutely everything: Rock, Country, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Surf, etc. — and all this from using only one instrument. With 700 percent more pickup tones, you get a "Grand Canyon Wide" range of subtle and slightly different pickup tones ranging from Muddy/Dirty Blues -to- Jazz -to- Heavy Metal -to- Ring-in-a-bell Surf -to- Country Twang -to- even those elusive glass-shattering Tin-Canny and out-of-phase pickup tones.

After you upgrade your instrument with our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products, You can pretty much duplicate the sound of virtually EVERY electric guitar ever made; including a Stratocaster, Telecaster, Mustang, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Les Paul Custom or Studio, Silvertone, National, Mosrite, Kramer, Airline, Guild, Danelectro, Harmony, Kay, Epiphone, Red Special, Maestro, Supro, Valco, Gretsch, PRS or sound like virtually any electric guitar (or bass) that has ever been manufactured with either single-coil or humbucker pickups!

Our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products will even give you dozens of additional unique pickup tones that You have NEVER heard before — We Guarantee It. And because nobody else has these pickup tones, You can use them as your Signature Sounds. Now you can get it all with just one guitar. < Less

The Real Benefit To You

Pay Close Attention because here's the real benefit to you. This family of high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products will give you a totally AweSome instrument that has more tone power than any of your peers (read competition). After upgrading your instrument, you will listen to all of the pickup tones and write down what each tone sounds like to you personally. This will give you a "map" of all the pickup tones available on your instrument. More >

If you are a performing player, you will probably just use two or three tones of all the pickup tones available to you. One of these tones will be used to "blend in" with the band, the other(s) will be used as your Signature Sound to make you really "jump out at the audience" and sound incredible.

Compared to your competitors who only has "the same old 5 pickup tones", you will be light years ahead of them all. This will quickly lead to more bookings, more income and more recognition for you with people frequently saying, ("hey, there's that guitarist with that great unique sound.")

A New Discovery has customers using our upgrade products saying that those "hidden" pickup tones they get appear to have a seductive and erotic-like effect on female audience attendees. See our website Media page for more information about this discovery.

And if you are a session guitarist, you will probably be using more of the tones. Why? Because you can precisely zero in on that "mood" you want to create with a custom tone. Instead of just five pickup tones, you will have a wide spectrum of up to 68 pure analog pickup tones that you can select from — to more precisely tailor your output to "mirror the sound" that the recording composition requires. Now you only need one guitar to play everything including Rock, Country, Pop, Blues, Surf, Grunge, Jazz, Metal, Folk and anything else you can name. Less guitars to drag along to a session, less guitars to tune up. Now you can get a "Grand Canyon Wide" varying range of subtle and unique pure analog pickup tones. You even get intensely Country Twang with guts and even experience those elusive "tin-canny" pickup tones (remember how Santana's guitar sounded like in "Winning"? How about that haunting guitar sound in J. Geils "I musta got lost"? Even that reverse-phase sound by Tom Petty in "I won't back down"?) Our AweSome products will give you "instant access" to these Signature Sounds — plus several dozen additional pickup tones you have never heard before.

Our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products give you dozens of additional thinner and funkier tones that are great for a nice bitey backing rhythm, as well as many ultra fat, round and well-defined sustaining tones that will instantly add some "snarl" when you need it with just the flick of a switch. Now you can get all the "edgy" tones that you want to project — but without being abrasive. Select the "custom tailored" tone that you want from a palette of 35 (or 68) unique pickup tones that will fill up all of your musical space with either fat or thin drive. These upgrade products will give your guitar a stout voice that doesn't sound cloudy. Finally, you can now be a truly unique musical artist.

Now you can get a performance factor for your guitar that is light years ahead of any other wimpy and obsolete "studio grade" model. So why would you want to consider using this Ultimate Pickup Switching System?   Because it lets you really stand out and sound unique! < Less

You Can Get Even More Tones

And if you replace one pickup with another one that has a different magnet -and/or- coil impedance, you will create a completely different "palette" of pickup tones. Our products are designed to let you easily remove and replace pickups without the need for a soldering iron. This means that you can easily experiment with, and audition, an almost unlimited number of pickup tones. Are you looking for that elusive "best" pickup tone? Our family of high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM switching system products will let you find it. For the first time in history, you can affordably create one single "ultimate guitar" that can reproduce the sound of virtually every electric guitar ever made. More >

The best news of all is that our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products lets you keep your Analog pickup tones PURE! No digitally enhanced junk here. If you want a guitar that "quacks like a duck" or "laughs like a hyena"... get a WII. But if you're dead serious about your tone, these simple high performance products are for the SERIOUS guitarist – that's You – who wants to stop the audience "dead in their tracks" to HEAR and APPRECIATE your unique talent and ability. In other words, it lets You "stand out" above everyone else and be noticed. < Less

An Abundance Of Tone Possibilities

For the first time ever, you can have access to a huge abundance of tone possibilities. These upgrades will give you an analog “modeling” instrument without the complication of battery-powered electronics. More >

Your result may vary — depending on your upgraded instrument's pickup coils.

Our products are so easy to understand and use that it's even operated by a 7-year-old budding guitarist. It is custom-designed for your electric guitar, bass, pedal steel, mandolin and other instruments that have either 4, 3 or 2 passive coil-wound magnetic pickups — either single coil pickups, 4-wire humbucker pickups, 2-wire humbucker pickups.

Sorry, this switching system does not work with low impedance active (i.e, battery powered) pickups or piezeoelectric pickups.

You Get The "Ultimate" easily Customizable Guitar
or Bass with Complete and Total Pickup Control!

  < Less


We have focused on the smallest possible change to create the biggest possible long-term impact.

We routinely install our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products into inexpensive 3-pickup coil guitars for "demo" purposes. These low-cost beaters from China (we only paid $40 for the current one) are awesome because after the upgrade, they put out 30 more pickup tones than anything that is made in the U.S.A. None of the custom shop guitars can even come close – either in Price or Performance. And this incredible tone power performance is with low-end pickups. More >

The typical $5,200 custom shop guitar is 130 times more costly than this $40 instrument, but has less than 15 percent of the tone power. And they can't even match the AweSome range of unique pure analog pickup tones that these Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products give you.

And now with the release of our T4-Switch, you are going to get a jaw-dropping experience when you use it to upgrade your current 4-pickup coil instrument and get 68 pickup tones. < Less

Spend Your Money Wisely

If you want "different" tones, you can spend up to $500 for a set of three custom pickups. This will give you slightly different pickup tones — but you're still stuck with only five tones. It makes better sense to start by spending a lot less to leverage your existing pickups and get 35 (or 68) pickup sounds. The custom pickups can come later — if you still think you need them. More >

Almost everyone who installs our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products abandons the idea of buying expensive custom pickups because they already get everything that they want (and more) from our products. These customers have decided that the slight pickup sound difference they may get from the more expensive pickups is just not worth the additional $500.

These Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products are versatile too. We recently modified an electric bass with two single-coil pickups. By adding a third 4-wire humbucker pickup and installing our T4-Switch, we have created an electric bass that has 68 pickup tones. Even though this bass is a "cheap beater" it is also totally awesome because this instrument will even sound like an upright slap jazz bass. Bass musicians who try this instrument are left drooling — and they want one badly!

Customers are now duplicating these innovations by installing a third pickup into their 2-pickup coil electric bass and are now creating an electric bass with more pickup tones — and with it, this unique upright slap jazz bass sound. Other customers are upgrading their 2-pickup, 4-wire humbucker guitar (Big Apple Strat, Les Paul, etc.) to get 68 pure analog pickup tones.   These products are truly a session musician's dream come true. < Less

Too Complicated?

Some people (i.e., the negative and degrading voices on those raggy chat boards of people who do NOT make their living playing guitar) say that having 6 switches on their 3-pickup coil instrument is "too complicated." I wonder how these challenged people tie their shoelaces. More >

Most serious players now use up to a dozen pedals mounted on a pedal board. Each pedal may have two or more foot switches for On/Off or Pass-through functions, as well as two to several control knobs. In addition, you have to know which pedal combinations need to be either On, Off, or have Pass-through selected for a particular effect you need. Oh, and this is simple?

It's so funny because these naysayers, who live in their mommies and daddies basement, will get into their parents car that has a radio with five bands (FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1, AM2) and 10 buttons to store and select specific radio stations. That's a total of 50 radio stations to program to these buttons (and also be excessively challenged to remember which station is assigned to which button — DUH). These radios also have a programmable CD player, talking GPS, Bluetooth, MP3, internet radio, Sync, Sirius Satellite radio with hundreds of stations, voice recognition, OnStar, etc. And this is not complicated? But nary a complaint from these self-appointed "experts".

Do you use all these complex features? Some people do, and some don't. Would you settle for a radio with just 1 band, 3 buttons and nothing else? Of course not. You want MORE choices — just in case you WANT to use them. None of these naysayer weenies seem to complain about the remote controls they will use to view their parents' T.V., DVD Player, and other electronic entertainment boxes — most of which have 50 or more buttons. Where is their cry for "fewer buttons?" How about their daddy's computer they use with — holy smoke... 94 mind-numbing keys on the keyboard! But oh, I forgot... there's no place where these pimply-faced cellar-dwellars can easily, and anonymously, disrupt others with their negative whining and complaining to get their "15 minutes of fame" — at least not for radios, computers and remote controls. These "faux-critics" do not make their living playing guitar professionally — so as two-finger guitar players, they're just not qualified to pass judgement on products they have not purchased or used.

Steve Jobs was questioned by Marc Andreessen about the original iPhone before it was unveiled. Marc said, "Steve, don't you think it's going to be a problem not having a physical keyboard?" Steve looked him right in the eye with that piercing gaze and said, "They'll get used to it."

The same can be said about six switches; you will get used to it. < Less

A word about Tradition

Although embracing "tradition" has it's place, it becomes an impediment to enhance and extend creativity. It's like having an artist who paints pictures decline to use up to 63 additional colors because they have always used the "traditional" five colors of red, blue, black, yellow and white. While not realizing it, their pictures are boring and uninteresting and less desired because their "traditional" bias has produced the exact same boring art as every other "traditionalist". How can you accurately paint a "forest" scene with only red, blue, black, yellow and white colors? More >

Also remember that Leo Fender's original Stratocaster only had a 3-way switch. It was only when perceptive players discovered they could get additional pickup tones when their 3-way switch was in between the 3 positions that the cry for these added tones caused Leo Fender to come out with a 5-way switch. How many "traditionalists" have removed that 5-way switch from their Stratocaster and installed the 3-way switch? < Less

What The Smart Players Are Using

Without exception, All the guitar gods (Les Paul, Neil Young, Jimmy Page, Roy Orbison, John Cipollina, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, etc.) heavily modified their guitars because it gave them a career boosting edge with unique pickup tones that no one else had. They didn't do this to look cool, they did it because it gave them unique pickup tones that nobody else had — pickup tones that propelled them to fame. They also may have noticed a subtle seductive and aphrodisiac effect these new tones had on their audiences, an observation they understandably were not willing to share. More >

Having several dozen unique pickup tones is now a game-changing benefit because it gives you an incredible edge in today's fiercely competitive market. How can you distinguish yourself if you have the same three or five pickup tones as millions of wannabes? Put simply, you can't!

Our upgrades will give you access to those same Signature Sounds of those guitar gods of many headliner groups - and with it by oblique inference, more recognition. These upgrades are not just AweSome, they're surprisingly AweSome. < Less

Les Paul Upgrades

While looking at the catalog of Les Paul items auctioned off after his passing, it is clear that Les Paul heavily modified over 65 electric guitars (and several electric bass instruments). Many of these laboriously hand-modified instruments contained a plethora of More >

In fact, these heavily upgraded instruments brought some of the highest prices at auction. He didn't make these painstaking modifications to "look cool", he did it because he was able to SQUEEZE unique pickup tones from these instruments that NOBODY else had.

So the question you should ask is "Why did he heavily modify these instruments? The simple answer is that these "upgrades" helped him to get closer to unique pickup tones that nobody else had and give him the career boosting edge that no one else had. These were unique Pickup tones that instantly put him on the Fast Track to success. (there's a moral to this story for those who have ears...) < Less

Jimmy Page Modification

Jimmy Page (guitarist for Led Zeppelin, the Yardbirds and numerous other headliner groups) had his Les Paul guitar modified with four push-pull pots and a couple of push-push switches mounted under the pickguard. This gave him 21 pickup tones with a modification that is cumbersome to operate. In spite of this, he had access to pickup tones that were previously unavailable to anyone and it "fast-tracked" his career. It even launched an industry of folks making and selling "Jimmy Page Mod Kits" for about $100. More >

For those interested readers, we have the upgrades for you. Our T4-Switch upgrade combined with one push-pull pot will give you 88 pickup tones — over four times the number of pickup tones — and is much easier to use. It even gives you four QuadraBuckerTM pickup tones (i.e., all four pickup coils in series) that the Jimmy Page mod cannot give you. This benefit alone is important to the heavy metal crowd because it will give you pickup tones so "fat", they're... Obese!. Our products catalog also has long life Kill Switches that will last for 10 years. < Less

Neil Young Upgrades

The Henry Diltz photograph of Neil Young (even back in 1969) shows a mind-boggling four mini toggle switches on the upper horn of his Gretsch guitar. I'm very sure that Neil didn't have those switches installed to make his guitar look cool. Those switches were used to give him MORE PICKUP TONES. And Why? If you said, "To Sound Unique" go to the head of the class.

Roy Orbison Upgrades

A photo of Roy Orbison playing a black LP style guitar with four toggle switches on the upper horn of his guitar. This is another example of how the guitar gods attained this stature. These switches gave him a "secret weapon" that helped him to sound different that millions of other wannabes – all of which had the exact same three pickup tones. Those switches gave him access to unique and different PICKUP TONES. And Why? Because those "hidden" pickup tones gave him a career-boosting advantage in the crowded player market.

John Cipollina Upgrades

The April 2011 issue of Vintage Guitar (page 17) had a picture of John Cipollina, the lead guitarist of Quicksilver Messenger Service. He created a certain sound that was his own. He was unique and distinctive because nobody else had that sound. In fact, he is considered one of the fathers of the San Francisco psychedelic rock sound. The picture (in the above-referenced issue) shows that he radically modified his guitar (it has four knobs and four switches.) More >

The question you should be asking yourself is this, "Did he know something you don't about using these four switches to create subtle pickup tones that no one else had?" Four knobs and four switches would definitely be "too complicated" for these cellar dweller trolls previously mentioned. In fact, some other examples of instruments with "more functionality and tonality" includes the Rickenbacker 360 with five knobs and a switch. Let us not forget the National Glenwood 98 guitar had seven knobs and a three-way switch. And the list goes on. All the headliner guitarists (at least the smart ones) have instruments that have been seriously upgraded with a forest of mini switches. Why? Because they want to sound distinctive. People want more choices. If you're still using that 5-way switch on your Strat, all you can do is sound exactly like Millions of other wannabes — and sounding exactly like everyone else is NOT going to get you anywhere. Remember the advantage that John Cipollina had with those extra switches? There's a moral to this story. < Less

Smart Manufacturers Are Listening

Even the newer guitar and bass models that the smarter companies are releasing have more mini toggle switches. In fact, they're starting to pop up everwhere like mushrooms after a spring shower. A recent Carvin catalog shows that most of their guitars now have oodles of mini switches to "give you 7 different pickup combinations", and "a 5-way pickup selector plus a mini switch allows all seven pickup combinations." More >

(but nowhere close to 35 pickup tones, and now with a much higher bar of 68, 88 — and now 276 — pure analog pickup tones) A WD Music Product catalog contains a Kent Armstrong prewired Strat pickguard. Their description states, "In place of the normal 5 position blade switch common to a Strat, Kent used three on/off/on switches. This is the key ingredient to getting that signature sound." If you are reading this, you already know that there are big changes in the way today's instruments are being made and wired — specifically to produce more pure analog pickup tones than ever. Fender leveraged our product ideas to release a "Plus" version of their instrument with "personality" cards. The good news is that our products let you upgrade your instruments to get more pickup tone power than anything that will ever be available. We have always been, and will continue to be, the undisputed pure analog pickup tone power fountainhead. < Less

A Summary Of The Problem

Here is the real reason you are "chained" to that silly 5-way (or 3-way) switch. Back in the early 50's, Leo Fender settled on this switching system as a compromise for pickers during "simpler" times. Today, we have grown up with computers, programmable cable and satellite TVs and other media devices. Almost all of them have a remote with 50+ buttons. You also routinely use multi-function cell phones, microwaves with 30+ programming buttons, whatever. In summary, this is the 21st century — not the early 50's. Although adequate for less-creative pickers who don't have a desire to get ahead, today's 5-way switch on a guitar is... not very useful when you're struggling to stand out in the growingly crowded guitarist market. Having just the same old five pickup tones makes you sound exactly like millions of other wannabes. (now that's a great way to get noticed...) More >

In fact, having a 3-pickup coil guitar with only 5 pickup tones is quickly putting you at a disadvantage. It's a career-killer! It's like having a car with a one cylinder engine and a one-speed transmission. It's not very versatile. You can't cruise at highway speeds, peel out, climb steep hills, safely descend sharp inclines, attract attention from the pedestrian hotties, rapidly accelerate, etc. But when you have an instrument that gives you a whopping 35, 68, 88 (or now 276) pure analog pickup tones, it gives you more choices and options than anything else — period. When you have an instrument with More Pickup Tone Power than anything on the planet, it lets you explore what you can really do with your musical creativity. When you look at what you can really get with these simple high performance Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products for your 4-pickup coil, 3-pickup coil or 2-pickup coil instrument, are six switches (three switches on the 2-pickup coil instrument) that are easy to understand and use really that complex? That's for you and your career plans to decide. < Less

The NEW Standard Pickup Switch

An even bigger problem is with the smarter manufacturers putting in more switches in their new models to give their customers "enhanced" pickup tones. There is no rhyme or reason where these switches are mounted. It looks like a forest of mushrooms popping up after a spring rain. Multiply this non-standard issue by several manufacturers doing this and you quickly have chaos. Even worse, these manufacturers are still using that same antique and inadequate 3-way or 5-way switch with their designs. They just don't get that those antique switches are really the obstacle to pickup tone freedom. More >

Our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products are setting the new standard for the 21st century. Standards are a good thing. In this instance, manufacturers that embrace our standard switching products means that you do not have to re-learn how the other manufacturers pickup switching system works because it's the same. < Less

We Have Non-Destructive Upgrades

All of our upgrades for Fender Strats, Teles and Jazz Bass instruments (or similar instruments made by other companies) are non-destructive. This means you can return your instrument to its original condition with no ill effect. This is especially important if you have a vintage guitar or bass. Installing a non-destructive upgrade in your vintage instrument means that you can enjoy the incredible benefit from our high performance Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products and know that you can always return it to its "stock" condition if you decide to sell it. With non-standard "clone" instruments, our upgrades may require removal of applicable pickguard or body cavity material and drilling mounting holes.

Works With ANY Instrument

This family of high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products can be used in every 4-pickup coil, 3-pickup coil and 2-pickup coil electric guitar, bass, mandolin, pedal steel or other instruments that use coil-wound magnetic pickups, for both right-hand and left-hand instruments, including (but not limited to) the following manufacturers.

The Bottom Line:

You now have a way to stop lugging around several guitars because each one has its own "special" tone. If you already bring several guitars with you to perform or record because each has its own unique sound, why not create one guitar that can sound like them all? Tuning just one instrument (rather than several) is a more efficient use of your (and the producer's) time. This family of high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products also makes it easy to swap pickups to get a different spectrum of pickup tones. More >

If you (or someone you know) can follow the incredibly simple step-by-step installation instructions (freely available in our "Document Library" on the menu bar) and use hand tools, these high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products are definitely for you. And if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, your local music store can recommend a guitar repair person (luthier) who can do it for you. < Less

It's a Complete GREEN Solution

This switching system is "green" and completely passive, so there are no batteries or expensive electronics to fail when recording or performing. It takes a minute to learn how to use and it also keeps your Analog pickup tones pure! More >

You should know that this family of high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products is the ultimate in simplicity. Our products are also ecologically sound because we only use RoHS 2 compliant components from industries that are already certified as "green".

Although there are some battery-powered electronic circuit board products being marketed that can give you a "gazillion tones", the question you should be asking yourself is this: "Do I really need more than 35 (or 68) pickup tones?"

Imagine how unwieldy it will be to access just 35 (or 68) of your "gazillion tones!" Some of these products have a 16 page user's manual and only give you a wimpy few tones for a specific configuration. And almost all of these products need you to disassemble your instrument to reconfigure them. Not very practical when you're on stage or in the studio — especially when you need a different pickup tone that isn't part of the current configuration. With our Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products, all the switches are completely accessible to you. After you install our products, you have the full functionality of all pickup tones totally accessible to you. We have a superior product that doesn't expect you to disassemble your instrument to reconfigure it. We also give you more (a lot more) pure analog pickup tone power than anyone on the planet.

These expensive and exotic circuit board solutions appear to be "versatile" (at least that's what their printed literature says.) But the truth is they just don't perform well in the real world. Do you really want to trust your reputation to a fragile product that can suddenly stop working?   Bang your guitar against a solid wall or metal support and the shock wave can easily fracture sensitive electronics on the circuit board making it useless. Did you ever have a battery go dead in the middle of a performance or recording session? How embarrasing is that?
Even worse, when you (or your equipment) let other people down, THEY STOP CALLING YOU FOR FUTURE BOOKINGS.

Our family of high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products are designed to let you easily access all 68 unique pure analog pickup tones from a 4-pickup coil instrument (or 35 tones from a 3-pickup coil instrument, or 6 tones from a 2-pickup coil instrument) with just the "flick of a switch." And because it's "bomb proof", there are no expensive electronics or batteries to fail while recording or performing. To quote Bill Lawrence, "Batteries belong in flashlights." < Less

You Get The "Ultimate" easily Customizable Guitar
with Complete and Total Pickup Control!



Here are a few ways to look at how this family of high performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products will benefit you.

Other Information

Note: All products come with a 14-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund or replacement (see our FAQs for details.) Purchaser assumes all risk of liability with respect to the installation and use of these products.

Sorry, this switching system does not work with low impedance active (i.e, battery powered) pickups or piezeoelectric pickups.

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Exceptional Guitar and Bass Player's Choice — bringing You high performance Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products.
Now You can get dozens and dozens of Incredibly PURE Analog Pickup Tones that You have never heard before.
  Proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A.     Our products are designed to help You find your Unique and Distinctive Signature Sound

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